There are various reasons why the Serrai di Sottoguda was chosen for this highly symbolic initiative. Here are some of them:

1. The gorge is one of the main entry points to the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. This amazing gorge, carved into the rock by glacial erosion and by the action of the Pettorina river, allows direct access to the Queen of the Dolomites, Mount Marmolada.

2. Walking through the gorge is an extraordinary experience, bringing you up close to the “sublime” essence of the Dolomites.

3. The steep rocky walls can be read like pages in the history of the Earth, but the route can also be easily managed and enjoyed by anyone: families, the elderly, or people with disabilities.

4. The cliffs are made up of the same limestone rock as Mount Marmolada, formed about 235 million years ago and so not subjected to the process of “dolomitisation”. These walls are therefore a valuable resource in terms of geology.

5. In summer, the Serrai gorge is a popular choice for easy walks. In winter, these cliffs soaring up hundreds of metres become coated in ice, which takes on extraordinary forms to the delight of ice-climbing enthusiasts.

6. For the Municipality of Rocca Pietore, the community hardest hit by Storm Vaia, the gorge is a vital source of income.