Massimiliano Ossini supports #SOSerrai

Massimiliano Ossini also supports the fund-raising effort for the Serrai di Sottoguda recovery project. The famous TV host and face of Linea Bianca decided to launch an appeal on behalf of #SOSerrai. Thank you Massimiliano!

#SOSerrai: let the fund-raising begin!

We’re asking you to help with a major team effort. To make even a small contribution towards restoring one of the gateways to the World Heritage Dolomites: the amazing Serrai di Sottogudagorge.

This spectacular gorge that connects Mount Marmolada to one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” – Sottoguda, in the province of Belluno – was once a place of great beauty, carved out over time by glacial erosion and by the action of the Pettorina river. On 29th October 2018, the Serrai gorge was destroyed by Storm ‘Vaia’.

In the face of huge environmental and economic damage, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation launched a fund-raising campaign to restore the Serrai gorge: #SOSerrai. Together, we aim to raise 1 million Euros.

#SOSerrai: Working together for a rebirth

We need to raise one million Euros to restore the Serrai di Sottoguda. Together we can make a difference! The fund-raising effort has started. Visit: to find out how to link your name to a project that will help restore an iconic feature of the Dolomites.


On October 29th 2018, Storm Vaia brought terrible destruction to the Dolomites, and images of the pain and misery it caused remain etched in our memories and our hearts. But our sense of impotence was soon replaced by a determination to act. And now this desire to act can include all those who want to contribute.


They collected 2385 Euros to help rebuild the Serrai di Sottoguda pathway. They did this by offering their own work, including booklets about villages in the local area, water-colours and quilling. Helped by their parents and teachers, they sold these at the Christmas markets. These were pupils at the “Rodari” Institute of Santa Giustina (Belluno), and were the first to get involved in the SOSerrai Crowdfunding appeal. On Saturday 9 February 2019, the money raised was formally handed over to the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, in the person of Cesare Lasen, a member of the Scientific Committee.

And now the fund-raising initiatives are increasing: the Belluno actress, Susanna Cro, brought her show “Vajont. Viaggio nell’Oltre” to Verona on Saturday 9 February, donating all the proceeds from the evening to the restoration of the Serrai Gorge.


When there’s urgent work to be done, the tasks must be shared out between us. So, the Municipality of Rocca Pietore is organising an Ideas for Action Competition to find the best project, and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is paying for the planning.

And any individuals, associations or companies who wish to contribute can also make a donation.


Storm Vaia of October 29, 2018 destroyed the pedestrian route, making the bridges, barriers and rock walls totally impassable, and carrying away the material from the Pettorina river-bed. The spectacular gorge that links Mount Marmolada to Sottoguda, one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, is now inaccessible. The Ideas for Action competition will favour the project that offers the best combination of:

      • environmental sustainability;
      • disabled access;
      • innovation and adaptability to climate change (which may trigger similar events);
      • enhancement of various aspects of the Serrai, in relation to its geology, geomorphology, landscape and historical background.