Storm Vaia of October 29th, 2018 destroyed the pedestrian route, making the bridges, barriers and rock walls totally impassable, and carrying away the material from the Pettorina river-bed. The spectacular gorge that links Mount Marmolada to Sottoguda, one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, is now inaccessible. The environmental damage is incalculable and the economic damage, especially for local communities, is very severe.

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has launched a fund-raising campaign to restore the gorge. This will be promoted by the Municipality of Rocca Pietore, which is organising an Ideas for Action Competition based on these four main themes:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Disabled access
  • Innovation and adaptation to climate change (envisaging similar events)
  • Enhancement of various aspects of the Serrai, in relation to its geology, geomorphology, landscape and historical background


The total cost of the project will come to about 8 million Euros. At the behest of the Steering Committee, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation gives a contribution of 200,000 Euros for planning. The Foundation coordinates a crowdfunding campaign to raise a total of 1 million Euros.